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Oct 11th
Oct 11th: Whisky Club 7pm
Oct 12th: Gin & Sonics (live music & cocktails)


Arbutus Distillery is a craft distillery located on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo British Columbia specializing in fine spirits made from local and provincial ingredients. We invite you to join us in seeking a greater spirit. 

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Recently awarded BEST IN CLASS by the ALBERTA BEVERAGE AWARDS (2015)

Tasting Notes: 

Exceptionally smooth with great texture displaying subtle notes of caramel and vanilla brought forth by its barley malt base. 

Back Label Reads: 

Shrouded in the heavy mists of the West Coast, a timeless rite enchants those who seek a greater spirit. Initiation requires strict dedication to the craft. There is power in numbers, so gather together because when the light fades, the ritual begins.


 The "Empiric” is a truly west-coast style gin using a unique array of herbs and botanicals found here. While possessing flavours from juniper and coriander, as with all gins, The Empiric, offers a unique deviation from the more common place ‘London dry’ style with robust citrus notes imparted from lemon verbena (vs traditional lemon and orange rinds). Anise-hyssop fennel, rosemary, lavender and hops also present.

Tasting Notes

Insanely floral and packed with flavour making for zestful G&Ts and martinis. Surprisingly smooth neat. Robust citrus tones upfront, with prominent juniper and coriander back-bone. Light pepper and lavender on the back end. 



Ol Iron Tooth will Get you.. 

Baba Yaga Genuine Absinthe crafted using old world techniques but with west-coast influence. Aged in a myriad of botanicals, which are grown in the Arbutus Distillery gardens, adding other dimensions than strictly anise and imparting a genuine natural colour.

Add ice water or pour over ice to yield a light opal louche. 

BabaYaga Absinthe is naturally steeped and aged in various herbs giving its beautiful chartreuse colour,  and may naturally precipitate chlorophyl upon light exposure. 



Our 'Third Eye Spirits' series is an ever changing line of our most chaotic creations, from small batch classics with flare to spirits that defy classification all together. Always interesting , never dull. Get them while you can. 

Espresso Infused Vodka

In collaboration, we had Regard Coffee Roasters developed a custom roast and then pull an insane amount of espresso shots.  Perfectly paired to the unique caramel and vanilla undertones of Coven Vodka. Uses Heirloom varietals from the Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia and roasted delicately to highlight the natural coffee flavours. Lightly sweetened. 750ml, 35% ABV. (retail $ 40.00)  Sip straight or over ice, excellent in Espresso Martinis, and ideal for White Russians. 

JuniperusLupulus - Harvest Hopped Gin

 Stemming from the long held tradition of harvest hopped ales, Juniperus Lupulus is an epic merger of worlds: our Empiric Gin aged in freshly harvested Cedar Valley hops. Sweet, floral, hoppy, notes of marmalade on top of the classic Empiric Gin tasting notes. Enjoy in Hopped Negronis or sipped neat. Use to tweak any gin based cocktail for an interesting flare. 

2016 release now available at the distillery retail or in select private liquor stores. 


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Oct 11th
Join us for our Whisky Tasting Night hosted in our Cocktail Lounge on the 2nd Wednesday of every month
Tickets are $35 +plus tax. Enjoy 4 different drams during a guided tasting.

Gin & Sonics Live Music

Oct 12th
Another episode of 'Gin & Sonics' live music in our cocktail lounge featuring Jordan Lineker. No cover. Starts at 8:30pm

Find A Greater Spirit

Arbutus Distillery is a craft distillery located on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo British Columbia specializing in fine artisan spirits made entirely from local and provincial ingredients. We invite you to join us in seeking a greater spirit. 

Michael Pizzitelli

Head Distiller

Michael holds a MSc. in Brewing and Distilling from Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh,UK) as well as additional biochemistry and cell biology degrees and has brewed professionally for several years while maintaining a long held passion for distilling fine spirits.

Come Directly to the Source

Hang out in our tasting bar/cocktail lounge. Learn about and experience our spirits with a tasting flight while looking through our viewing window directly into the distillery. Bottles sales on site. 

Hours of Operation:

Sun- Mon        : closed

Tues                : 11am - 5pm

Wednes          : 11am - 6pm 

Thur&-Fri        : 11 am -  11 pm 

Sat                   : noon  -   11 pm




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